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Why We Do What We Do

What are we as a church preoccupied with? Is our time taken up by entertainment for ourselves or are we here with the mission of saving souls? Has Origin become…

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Discipleship 101

The invitation extended by Christ for His first disciples to follow Him has not changed over the years. Jesus still calls us to become His disciples today. Authentic acceptance of…

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Change is Coming

Change is something that people constantly want but experience the least. The inability to change causes depression and a give-up attitude in life and creates the idea of this is…

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Praise & Worship Service

Musical praise is a vital part to our worship gatherings. Praise team members are considered ministers of the gospel through music and song. Join us each week on Saturdays at…

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Origin Church Appreciation Banquet

You’re Invited to Join Us SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2021From 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM in the Lake Worth Ballroom10 S. Ocean Blvd, Lake Worth, FL 33460 Please visit to…

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I Choose God

From childhood, sports have been one of my favorite past times. I dreamt of being a professional Football player one day. As I think back on that dream, I am…

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