Freedom (Saturdays Form Sep. 2 to Nov. 25)

What are Freedom Groups?

Freedom Groups meet weekly during a 13-week Small Groups semester. Their objective is to delve into the Freedom Small Group curriculum, aimed at empowering you to live a vibrant life as promised by Christ. These groups focus on deepening your faith in Christ, enabling you to understand and embrace God’s Word concerning your beliefs, history, sins, value to God, and your role in His Kingdom. The goal is to foster a closer relationship with God and achieve genuine freedom.

The curriculum emphasizes six pivotal personal growth areas:

  1. Living in the “Tree of Life”: Understand that God desires a personal relationship with us, not a hollow ritual. Embrace your true identity as His child and see how this perspective shift influences your entire life.
  2. Walking in the Spirit: The Bible describes a life led by the Spirit, which may seem elusive. Here, you’ll understand the fundamentals of spiritual order and the importance of nurturing your spirit over emotions and flesh.
  3. Surrendering to Jesus: By prioritizing God, we realize our purpose, embrace forgiveness, and receive His gifts. Learn to fully surrender to Jesus and experience daily freedom.
  4. Speaking Words of Life: Words carry immense power. By aligning your words with God’s, you can positively alter your surroundings, relationships, and negate negative influences.
  5. Becoming a Vessel God Can Use: While God has a distinct purpose for each of us, adversarial forces oppose it. Learn to wield Jesus’ authority to counter these challenges and let God work through you.
  6. Living as a Worshipper: Everyone worships something. Discover how directing your daily worship towards God can be the core of all your actions.

Freedom Conference: To conclude the Small Groups semester, a Freedom Conference is held. All Freedom Group participants are advised to attend. This conference is dedicated to reinforcing your learnings from Freedom, guiding you to overcome past obstacles and establish a foundation for lasting freedom.

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