I Choose God

From childhood, sports have been one of my favorite past times. I dreamt of being a professional Football player one day. As I think back on that dream, I am thankful that it never came true because God intended me to be a part of His eternal plan. When it came to playing team sports, I was typically chosen as a captain and I would try and select those that I thought would help me win. In choosing my team, the first pick was crucial. It had to someone who was the best player, the strongest, the fastest; someone who could really make the greatest impact on the team. It was all about winning and for that, I needed the people who would take me to victory.

As we go through life, we are constantly confronted with having to make decisions that ultimately pave the way for our future. All of these decisions come to a head and we see the outcome, we reap what we sow. In a way, we chose our team for the game of life, we chose our wife or husband, we chose our careers, we choose our friends, and we choose our leaders that will make an impact.

I’m using this example to let you know that for my life, I CHOOSE GOD! God can see the future from the beginning. God can make the impossible possible. God will only allow amazing things to happen in our lives. God is the difference-maker, he keeps hope alive in any situation. He straightens our crooked paths and, ultimately, He will win, and He is the great overcomer.

As we confront sickness, death, catastrophes, viruses, and the many things that we may confront in this world, we can also choose fear, we can choose desperation, we can choose depression, we can choose stress, and if we do, they will become a part of our team and they will impact our present and our future. I choose God and when I choose Him, all possibilities open up, the room lights up, the future becomes clear, the present finds purpose, I can breathe, and I feel life in me again.

I choose God in the middle of darkness like the three Hebrew young men in the desert of Median when Nebuchadnezzar asked them all to worship his image. I choose God like Joseph when he was sold as a slave, like Moses in front of the Red Sea, like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Yes, I choose God even when I can’t see Him because only in Him, the impossible becomes possible. With Jesus in my ship, it will never sink. With God in my team, the victory is guaranteed. Like the hymn says, “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold, I’d rather be His than have riches untold, I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands, I’d rather be led by His nail-pierced hands.” I also rather have Jesus than worry, fear, depression, and desperation. Yes, I choose God on my team and He will lead me to victory. I chose to trust Him in the middle of darkness to take me by the hand till the day I stand before His throne. Yes, I choose God.

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