Being a good steward of what we, as Christians, have received is a vital part of our walk. Just as we have freely received, we are to freely give unto God His due portion. Giving back to God not only shows our obedience to His Word but more importantly, our faith and trust in His continuous provisions for us. Through giving, God continues to bless us so we may be blessings unto those around us.

Transparency & Accountability

It is our pledge to provide the highest standards of accountability and transparency to our donors and members. These standards will be upheld by implementing proper accounting practices and record keeping. We hold bi-annual meetings to disclose how funds are being spent, in addition, each donor will have access to their giving statements by logging into a secure platform that is accessible through our website. All giving and collected, recorded, and managed by members of our finance committee under the oversight of our ministry’s Board of Elders.

Benevolent Giving

At Origin, we believe tithing is a Bible principle established by God. The principle of tithing simply believes that God gives to us and we give back to him the one-tenth of all that He has blessed us with.

We uphold this practice and recognize it to be God’s means of provided the resources required for the expansion Kingdom here on earth while caring for those in need. Our church is committed to sharing what we receive to help others.

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