Giving joyful praise and worship to our Almighty Creators demonstrates gratitude and humility for all the good He does in our lives. We gather as a community to love, support, encourage and pray for one another on a regular basis.

Musical Praise

Our first and highest calling, as Christians, is to praise and worship God as individuals as well as a body. We gather on a weekly basis to worship Christ and experience His presence as promised in Matt. 18:20. Musical praise is a vital part to our worship gatherings. Praise team members are considered ministers of the gospel through music and song. If you are interested playing a role in our worship services, please contact our Music Director Jasmine Arneaud at ‪(561) 660-3801 or tasmineb@gmail.com

Intercessory Prayer

The privilege of having instant access to the God of the Universe should never be taken for granted. Our ability to communicate with God directly was redeemed at a very high price. Special time is set apart for personal and corporate prayer during our worship gatherings. We encourage everyone to seek the Lord in prayer with gratitude and faith that He is in full control of everything no matter how it appears to us. There is nothing we can ask our God in prayer that He is not already aware of. Our prayers are acts of submission and acknowledgement of Jesus’ Lordship in our lives.

Each week, leaders from Origin Ministries gather together and pray to seek God’s guidance and to intercede on behalf of our loved ones, members and the world at large. We invite you to share anything in your life you would like us to lift up to God in prayer. All prayer requests submitted using this form are kept private and confidential.

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