Statement of Faith

It would surprise most of us to know that the dictionary definition of the word church is a building where Christians go to worship, (from the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary). As such, I would vouchsafe to us that Origin does not agree with that definition, that we see ourselves as a body (not a building) of believers in The triune Godhead using as our sole operating manual The Bible. Elaborating, we believe in a Supreme Creator, The Lord God Almighty, who created us for His pleasure; His Son Jesus Christ, who gave His life to redeem us from our archenemy Satan; and The Holy Spirit, through the indwelling of whom we have power to live in victory over satan and sin.

We believe in discipleship, with Jesus Christ – our Master – as our example in all things with the indisputable objective of having an ever deepening and increasing personal relationship with Our God through Him (Jesus) and His Spirit.

It is our Master’s mandate to us to go out the into the world beyond our meeting place and to make disciples. It is also important to declare what we are not – not Seventh Day Adventists, but Sabbathkeepers, of the seventh day as declared at creation.

As a body, we do not designate any prophet or prophetess, but instead preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified and leave the interpretation of prophet/prophetess to the individual believer.

We believe that The Lord God created all men everywhere whether black, white or Hispanic, and welcome anyone who wants to worship God in the beauty of holiness in spirit and in truth into our church family.

– Written by Vernon Vamuels

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