The Convenient God

Many Christians are a bad example to the others when they use God at their convenience to ease their conscience when they have acted incorrectly. For the non-believer he has no one to blame or to lean on so he just looks at himself and is limited to what he can do which most of the time takes them to a point of hopelessness.
There has to be a balance between these two because neither is good. We must know that there is a God who is not limited by human limitations and that He is able to do the impossible and at the same time know that some of our actions are exactly that, our actions, our decisions and we need to take responsibility for them. In other words our financial situation might be a result of bad decisions; it might be that our kids are not what they should be because of our bad parenting. So when we might think that God is trying to teach us a lesson it might for our convenience to ease our minds.

You see, accidents happen because people are in a hurry, people are texting, and people drive drunk, they violated their conscience and do something they shouldn’t have done; God had nothing to do with that. You took him out of the picture, you did your own thing in the picture, now the picture looks terrible, so don’t say now that it’s God trying to teach you something. Instead admit you’re wrong, ask for forgiveness for taking him out of the picture and invite Him into that messed up picture with a humble attitude and He will do miracles with His wise and powerful brush.

Don’t blame God but don’t leave him out either. Healing comes when we find the origin of the decease. Things that happen to us come from three sources. The first one is us, yes us our decisions all by ourselves, the second source comes from living in a sinful world, for as long as we live in this world cancer, storms, earthquakes are going to happen, this is a cause of a sinful world, the other one is that truly God may be allowing things to come into our lives but that only happens to those who live in obedience to God. For instance Jesus was crucified but because of how He lived his life we know it was all led by God to save humanity.

If there is one thing our mistakes are good for is to humble ourselves and realize how much we need God in our lives. Doesn’t use God for your convenience accept his corrections and see where you have failed pick up his teachings and follow them?

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