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Express your gifts in ministry!

All Hands On Deck

Our devotion as Christ’s disciples is expressed in three distinct, yet interconnected ways: ‘reaching up’ to God in worship, ‘reaching in’ to foster our own spiritual growth and that of our fellow believers through discipleship, and ‘reaching out’ to the world with the love of Christ through outreach.


Every week, we gather in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ and experience His presence, focusing on prayer, the Scriptures, and musical praise.
Reach Up


We nourish each other's spiritual well-being and grow together in Christ’s likeness and love through communal Bible study and discussions.
Reach In


Content in Christ, we joyfully share our blessings with those in need. Our outreach efforts are designed to demonstrate God’s love and expand His Kingdom.
Reach Out
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A Word From Our Pastor

Many Ministries

One Body

The Grace of Giving

Reaching out to a world in need