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Delivering Hope,
Freedom, and Sight

Our mission is simply to love people as Jesus loves. This means actively helping those in need, offering comfort to the heartbroken, and being a beacon of hope and guidance. We believe in breaking down barriers that hold people back, whether they're spiritual, emotional, or social. Our church is dedicated to creating a community where everyone is valued and loved, mirroring Jesus' compassion and grace in our daily lives. By following this path, we aim to transform lives and spread the message of hope and love, just as Jesus did.

Core Values

Living Our Faith Daily

At Origin, everything we do is shaped by key principles that we put into action every day. We put our hearts into worship, prayer, and devotion. Building a strong community is important to us, just like diving into the Bible's teachings for guidance. We're also committed to helping those in need with kindness and compassion. These aren't just beliefs for us; they're the way we live out our faith in everything we do.

Prayer & Worship

Prayer is our cornerstone. We come together to pray for personal and global concerns, believing in prayer's transformative power.
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Bible Study

Every week, we gather in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ and experience His presence, focusing on prayer, the Scriptures, and musical praise.
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Our gatherings focus on deepening connections and sharing meals, reflecting the unity and spirit of the early church.
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Service & Generosity

Motivated by early Christian generosity, we serve those in need, locally and beyond, living out our faith through action.
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Join us in expanding
God's Kingdom

We are dedicated to expanding God’s Kingdom by mirroring Jesus’ love in every encounter. We envision a future where our worldwide church family is passionately bringing people to Christ, all fired up by the Holy Spirit’s message of salvation. We’re focused on building spiritual leaders through regular discipleship, Bible studies, and group activities. These leaders will reach out, both one-on-one and in public, to spread the word about Jesus.

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Weekly Events

  • Tue – 6pm – Online Prayer via Zoom
  • Wed – 7pm – Mid-week Service at church
  • Fri – 7pm – Youth Gathering at church
  • Fri – 8pm – Sabbath Devotional via Zoom
  • Sat – 10am – Sabbath Lesson via Zoom
  • Sat – 11am – Worship Gathering